Around the island, excursions to Favignana and Marettimo

A cruise along the coast of Levanzo and Egadi islands

lisola residenceLevanzo is easly and quickly circumnavigable. On board of our rubber dinghy, you can visit all the small bays and inlets along  the coast.

The tour starts from the port of Levanzo, cala Dogana. Going westward in a few minutes you will reach the reef that protects a small white pebble beach, ideal for children. Continuing in the same direction leads to the reserve zone B and reach the sea cave of buco, only accessible by swimming.

So, overcoming Chiappara tip, you get to cala Genovese where is possible go ashore to visit the Genovese cave (which is reached through a small path). Beyond the cave, there are Sorci tip and cala Tramontana, where you can enjoy the breathtaking seabed and all the different shades of blue.

lisola residenceContinuing the tour you get to capo Grosso, the northern end of the island, with its lighthouse and the overhanging walls on the sea. Here ends the Area B and Area C begins the reserve.

In this stretch of coast of the island, called “costa Aranci”, there are cala Calcara and cala Nucidda, two small bays ideal for a refreshing swim when the sirocco wind blows.

Once past the two cale, you get to cala Minnola, famous for a comfortable slip on the sea and a small and picturesque pine forest. The ideal place to spend an entire day at the beach (because a short walk away from the village). The tour ends at cala Fredda, which is a few hundred meters from the village and its harbor.


Favignana and Marettimo

Periodically (or on request) we arrange excursions also to Favignana (visit the coves/ the most beautiful beaches and stop in the town) and Marettimo (visit the caves, stop in the town), which are reachable by sea from Levanzo in less than one hour.