Diving and snorkeling in Levanzo

Diving along the coast and in archaelogical sites

lisola residenceThe seabed of Levanzo is rich in marine life as well as in treasures of immense historical and archaeological value. We refer in particular to two spectacular tours (suitable for experienced diver) controlled by a sophisticated system of cameras connected to the Favignana's island and security force. These archaelogical sites are dated back to the punic-roman era:

  • the wreck of Cala Minnola, where at a depth of 25 metres there are 80 well preserved roman amphoras, which were part of the cargo of a big ship;
  • the anchors of Capo Grosso's which the expert attribute to the Roman fleet which in these waters attacked the Carthaginians in the historic Egadi's battle, during the first Punic War (200 b.C.).

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Even beginners can enjoy the beauties of the islamd. It is enough a diving mask and a pair flippers to appreciate the seabeds. For example in Capo Grosso it is possible to see sponges, corals, and many fishes of every kind and size.